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Honoring Veterans and Cultivating Community: The Story of Double JB Farms 

This Veteran’s Day, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee takes a moment to recognize the valor and spirit of our veterans, especially those like James of Double JB Farms, who channel their service into now nurturing the land and community. 

Double JB Farms, a veteran-owned farm in Middle Tennessee, is a testament to the tenacity and spirit of our armed forces members. The farm’s evolution from a Californian start-up to a thriving 41-acre Tennessee agriculture hub showcases growth and adaptation. Specializing in goat farming, pig rearing, and a diverse array of garden produce—ranging from leafy greens to a variety of fruits including watermelons and berries-Double JB Farms stands as a model of sustainable farming. 

Starting From Scratch  

James and his wife Jaclyn’s journey to establish a fully functional farm from the ground up showcases their dedication. Jaclyn’s continuous education in farming at the University of Tennessee also reflects the farm’s commitment to agricultural excellence. Moreover, their focus on goat milk products aligns with global dietary needs, environmental sustainability, and even caters to those who are lactose-intolerant thanks to goat milk’s lower lactose levels. 

Help from an Unlikely Source 

Facing the challenges inherent to small-scale farming, James and Jaclyn navigate roles from animal care to grant writing, underscoring the crucial role of financial support like the LFPA grant in achieving success. This grant, in collaboration with Second Harvest, has been pivotal, enabling the purchase of vital storage equipment and bringing wholesome, affordable food to new markets. 

Continuing his Service 

James’ naval background seamlessly transitioned into a leadership role with the Farmer Veterans Coalition, allowing him to extend a hand to fellow veterans exploring farming careers. This work not only fulfills a personal calling but also strengthens the bonds within the veteran community. 

As we honor our service members this Veteran’s Day, Second Harvest and Double JB Farms invite you to reflect on the enduring contributions of veterans like James who continue to fortify our communities. Their resolute dedication to farming not only feeds bodies but also nourishes the collective soul of our nation. 

Join us in saluting the service and ongoing commitment of James, Jaclyn, and all veterans who have found a new way to serve their community through agriculture. 

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