Who We Are

“We are people who wake up every day with one goal in mind –
helping those who are hungry and who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.”
-Nancy Keil, Second Harvest President and CEO

Board of Directors

Lucia Folk

Lucia Folk

Board Chair
Shawn Williams

Shawn Williams

Board Vice Chair

Lisa Gardi

Board Secretary

Drew Berg

Board Treasurer


  • Jeff Aiken
  • David Alperson
  • Michelle Bonnett
  • Scott Bowers
  • Jamaal Boykin
  • David Bradley
  • Suzanne Buchanan
  • Gerard Bullock
  • Jim Burton
  • Lee Cunningham
  • Troy Edwards
  • Bruce Esworthy
  • Andy Flatt
  • Dave Fulmer
  • Dennis Georgatos
  • Sonya Hostetler
  • Dr. Shanna Jackson
  • Michael Johnson
  • Jerome Katz
  • Bradley Marks
  • Jennifer Peters
  • Sharon Reynolds
  • Derek Schraw
  • Ute Strand
  • Laquita Stribling
  • Katherine Tosh
  • Ken Watkins
  • Ad Hoc Interns
  • Patrick Fears & Mary Charlsey Graham

President & CEO

Nancy Keil

Our Staff

It takes quite a team to run Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee! We employ Tennesseans in a wide variety of fields, from truck drivers to grant writers to food safety experts. Below you’ll find the team leading Second Harvest’s efforts to fight hunger. Call us at (615) 329-3491 or email us, we’re here to help!

Nancy Keil

President & CEO

Nancy Keil was named President and CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee in May 2019, after five years of serving as Chief Development and Marketing Officer.

Senior Leadership

Kim Molnar

Chief Operating Officer

Karyn Thompson

Vice President, Human Resources

Heather Verble

Chief Financial Officer

Denise Muniz

Chief Development and Marketing Officer

Tracey Alderdice

Senior Director, Agency & Program Services

Dick Brown

Senior Director, Development

Whitney Cowles

Director, Nutrition & Program Assurance

Frank Ellmo

Senior Director, Operations, Food Safety Deputy

NK Kim

Senior Director, Manufacturing/Project Preserve

Ally Parsons

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Bill Smith

Senior Director, Grants & Fundraising Services

Shannon Emley


Marian Eidson

Director, Donor Relationships

Lynn Lancaster

Director, National Accounts, Project Preserve

Brian Redfield

Director, Supply Chain

David Tinsley

Director, IT/IS

Renee Thompson

Director, Philanthropy

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