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Local Farmers Support Neighbors in Need

In order to provide our Middle and West Tennessee neighbors with the healthy, nutritious food they need — fresh produce, protein, dairy and eggs — Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee depends on small, local farmers. Through the LFPA grant, we are able to support our state’s crucial agricultural economy by purchasing from farmers at full retail value. Here are just a few local farms Second Harvest has had the honor of partnering with this year.

KLD Farm

KLD Farm is a small, family-run farm that supplies Second Harvest Cheatham County Partner Agencies with locally raised beef. Second Harvest recently secured a grant that allows us to purchase from local farms like KLD Farms and distribute product to partner agencies near the farms.

“We all have a desire to help people however we can. That’s when communities like this are so amazing,” says Ken, who owns and operates the farm alongside his daughter (pictured).

Blackberry Pond

Blackberry Pond produces hundreds of varieties of blackberries, many of which help supply Second Harvest. Ensuring that food provided for our neighbors in need includes the appropriate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is a crucial part of what the farm is about.


“We’ve been working with Second Harvest since last spring,” says farmer Sue. “In the past, if we had surplus, it went to our chickens or compost. Now, thanks to Second Harvest, we can sell it and feed people.”

Blue Heron Farmstead

Brittany, owner of Blue Heron Farmstead, uses permaculture methods to create a sustainable farm that produces onions, tomatoes, lettuce greens, herbs, beets, broccoli, peas, peppers, pigs, and chicken. Brittany supports Second Harvest because she understands that many of her neighbors can’t afford the food she grows.


“Everyone has a right to farm fresh meals,” Brittany says. “Local nutritious food should be accessible to everybody.”

Cheekee Greens Farms

Cheekee Greens Farms employs adults with intellectual disabilities and provides them with competitive wages and training to work on a farm. As a hydroponic farm, they harvest food year-round and produce thousands of pounds of food every month. Rowan, who runs the farm, feels partnering with Second Harvest is the perfect way to help as many people as possible.


“It’s a great way for us to give fresh produce to families who really need it,” he adds.

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