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Struggling caregivers are grateful for you

Jill survived a liver transplant at age 29, but was left unable to work

Jill was diagnosed with a rare medical condition 12 years ago called Budd-Chiari syndrome. She survived a liver transplant at age 29, but afterward she was unable to continue her work in an assisted living facility.

Since then, she’s struggled to support herself and her son on her disability check alone.

Her son is an energetic 9-year-old who loves to play soccer. Jill is focused on providing him the most nutritious food she can.

That’s why she’s so thankful to receive groceries from Family Connections, a Second Harvest Partner Agency in Camden. She’s especially grateful for the meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables you help provide.

“This food helps out a lot,” she says.

Jill wants to make sure you know what a difference your gifts are making for her family — and many others. She says she knows many people who face financial struggles, and it’s comforting to know you care.

“I appreciate [your] kindness very much,” Jill says to donors like you. “It’s a wonderful help.”

It’s so amazing to know that we can count on friends like you to look out for your neighbors in need, especially as we work to raise awareness of hunger in our community in September during Hunger Action Month.

Help other families like Jill’s who are facing difficult times this fall.

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