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You Help Dad Manage Son’s Autism

The food Logan needs most is also typically the most expensive

Ever since Brian learned his son has autism, he’s worked hard to provide the healthiest food possible to best manage 5-year-old Logan’s symptoms.

Brian explains there are certain foods that are especially beneficial for a child with autism, like fresh fruits and vegetables. But the food Logan most needs is also typically the most expensive at the grocery store.

Brian receives some SNAP benefits and disability assistance. But he says after paying bills he often struggles to afford the nutritious groceries and supplements Logan needs — especially toward the end of the month.

Last year at Logan’s school, Brian heard about Second Harvest’s Mobile Pantry at 5 Loaves 4 Kids in Tullahoma. Ever since, he’s been coming to pick up healthy groceries for himself and his son.

“It helps, and you know food is coming,” Brian says of the Mobile Pantry you make possible.

On the day we met them, Logan was listening to music and dancing around the food at the Mobile Pantry. He told us his favorite foods are grapes, apples, and strawberries.

“Thank you,” Brian says to donors like you. “[You] definitely give a lot.”

Your generosity ensures that kids like Logan can return to school this fall with the nourishment they need to learn and grow. Thank you so much for caring for children and families in need!

Help others families like Brian and Logan who are facing difficult times this fall.

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