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You’re Giving Hope to a Hardworking Family

Deborah’s family has always worked. Asking for assistance does not come easily to her, her husband Jim, or their daughter Rachel.

But Rachel’s prolonged back injury gave them no choice. They needed help.

When Rachel lost her job in home remediation because of her ongoing back issues, Deborah and Jim stepped in to support her. The increased expense has put the couple behind on their bills, and money for food is tight.

 “She has been looking for work every day,” Deborah says. “But when you have physical limitations, you can’t just take any job. She’s a hard worker. It’s just defeating.”

They hope this situation is temporary. In the meantime, they are so grateful to get help with food from Second Harvest’s Partner Agency, Destiny Center, and their Mobile Pantry in Rutherford County.

“I think there’s a lot of people, like myself and my daughter, who’ve always worked. It’s really difficult to find out where to go when you need the help,” Deborah says.

She says to you as a supporter of Second Harvest, “We appreciate your time and helping people when they need it.”

That help from generous friends like you serves hope in the form of food to children, families, and seniors who would otherwise go hungry. Thank you for showing compassion for your neighbors during this holiday season.

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