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You’re Empowering Families Through Adversity

“Thank y’all. Keep up the good work because a lot of people need it,” says Ricky, 58.

We met Ricky and his wife, Tina, while in line at Second Harvest’s Mobile Pantry at 24 Church in Cheatham County. This was their first time visiting. Ricky explained he was a welder until 2011, when he suffered a major heart attack that left him disabled.

They’ve been doing their best to provide their three children with a steady life for over a decade. But their monthly expenses, which include treatment and care for their disabled son, far exceed Tina’s single income.

“I used to have a good job, but life throws curve balls at you,” Ricky told us.

Life recently tossed them another wild pitch when their house burned down, adding to their already overwhelming burdens.

Thankfully, as they work to get their lives back on track, they have the support of their friends and neighbors. A friend has lent their family a trailer to stay in while they search for a new home.

And because of you, the family can receive upwards of two weeks’ worth of groceries from 24 Church.

Ricky and Tina’s story is evidence to the impact your support of Second Harvest can have on people’s lives. Each night their families can find the comfort and strength that comes from sharing a meal. And for that, they are incredibly thankful.

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