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Supporting Students of All Ages as they Return to the Classroom

The high price of going back to school is daunting for families facing serious financial hardship after the pandemic. Children need new clothes and school supplies. College students need money for textbooks and fees. These costs add up quickly and prevent families from being able to afford healthy food. Thankfully, committed donors like you are helping during these difficult times.

Finding Support on Campus

Campus Cupboard is a community pantry on the White Bridge Campus of Nashville State Community College. It’s stocked with healthy food from Second Harvest and was a real lifeline for Korina’s family during the pandemic.

She says, “I knew about the Campus Cupboard program when I first enrolled and thought it was a great resource. It wasn’t until my family had to use it that I truly understood how vital it is for some.”

In May, at age 43, Korina achieved one of her lifelong dreams and graduated from Nashville State Community College with an associate degree in psychology!

This fall, we’re celebrating Korina’s success and donors like you who helped her along the way.

Learning While Giving Back

Sarah Comuzie and Mary Beth Combs have been bringing their students to volunteer at our Ray Smith Family Distribution Center in Camden for two years. These outstanding teachers lead a work-based learning program for students with physical or developmental disabilities. The students learn food safety practices, warehouse safety, and teamwork skills.

Mary Beth says, “Everyone deserves to have a fair chance to be successful in life. And when you are hungry that isn’t possible.”

We’re so grateful to these teachers for modeling the link between education and volunteerism for their students — every opportunity to volunteer is also an opportunity to learn.

Join community members like Sarah and Mary Beth today by signing up to volunteer!

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