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Field Notes: What food is in season this summer?

Take advantage of the best produce this season has to offer!

Head to your favorite grocery store and you’ll likely find your staple fruits and veggies are available all year long, but have you noticed that strawberries are especially sweet at the end of spring? Or that summertime tomatoes can outshine the “B” in your BLT?

in season strawberries

That’s because they’re in season, or rather they’ve been harvested at their ideal time and are at their peak of flavor and nutritional value.

If you’ve never thought about eating seasonally before, summer is the perfect time to start. There is a bounty of fruits and vegetables to choose from, and since there is so much to go around, prices for in season produce is usually lower than during the rest of the year. 

Scroll through the list below to see what’s in season in Tennessee during the summer months.

If you want more detail, head to the Seasonal Food Guide. Their helpful search tool will let you see what foods are in season in any state during the early or late period of each month.

in season potatoes

Summer Fruits & Veggies

• Apricots
• Apples
• Beets
• Bell Peppers
• Blackberries
• Blueberries
• Cabbage
• Cantaloupe
• Cherries
• Corn (sweet)

• Cucumbers
• Eggplant
• Grapes
• Green Beans
• Honeydew
• Melon
• Hot Peppers
• Nectarines
• Okra
• Onions

• Peaches
• Peas
• Plums
• Potatoes
• Raspberries
• Strawberries
• Summer Squash
• Tomatoes
• Watermelon

Farm to Families

Has all this talk about in season produce made you curious about where your food comes from?

Sign up for a Farm to Families volunteer shift where you can take part in caring for crops and plants at a local farm near Nashville! Once harvested, a portion of the produce is donated to feed those facing hunger in our community. 

Green thumb not required—Sign up for a Farm to Families volunteer shift today!

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