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Tyson Foods Provides Over 236,000 Meals for Shelbyville Families

Tyson Foods’ grant allowed us to host vital Mobile Pantries and made operations more efficient.

Tyson Foods Grant

Over the last year, Tyson Foods has brought hundreds of thousands of pounds of food into Middle Tennessee and made our hunger-fighting efforts more efficient through a generous $125,000 grant.

In an effort to support the communities it serves, a portion of this donation fully-funded 12 Mobile Pantries in Shelbyville, where Tyson has a complex.  

Shelbyville sits within Bedford County, a very rural area where there are fewer resources to assist those in need, so these large-scale distributions are one of the most effective ways to make an impact.

Thanks to Tyson, struggling families in the area could depend on a monthly supply of nutritious produce, dry goods, protein-packed meat, and more.

Altogether, Tyson helped distribute 283,806 pounds of food in Bedford County, which is equivalent to more than 236,000 meals!

The remainder of the grant funded much-need rebuilds on e-commerce platforms used by our Partner Agencies and social enterprise Project Preserve.  

These updates will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our transportation team, warehouse operations, and food distribution, which, in turn, will increase the number of food-insecure Tennesseans we can help.  

But Tyson isn’t done yet.

They have already committed to funding 24 more Mobile Pantries in the coming year and will help sustain the efforts of The Ray Smith Family Distribution Center in Benton County.

We are excited to continue fighting hunger in Middle and West Tennessee with Tyson by our side!

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