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Answers to your tornado response questions

If you need some support

If you or someone you know is in need of emotional support due to the tornado and its aftermath, there is a coalition of private practice mental health professionals in the Nashville area who have volunteered to offer free sessions. Use this link to book an appointment. Please feel free to share this information widely.

SNAP – Nashville office temporary location

The Dept of Human Services DHS office on 2nd Avenue was destroyed in the storm.  They are working to identify a new temporary location.  This is the location in Nashville where SNAP participants would go for their interview, application, etc.  Current SNAP participants who lost power can get replacement SNAP benefits to help with their food loss. Here’s information about the three temporary locations in Nashville.

Frozen food safety

If your pantry lost power or you are still without power, food in a freezer that’s full and the door has remained closed should be fine for 48 hours.  If half-full and door has remained closed, it should be fine for 24 hours.  After that, or if thawing has started, please discard.

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