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Your Gifts Are a Lifeline to Families in Need

anita-drew“I’ve always wanted to provide for myself, but sometimes I can’t,” Anita says, honestly.

She does her best to support her daughter, Kristin, but doesn’t always have enough money left over after paying bills to afford basic expenses, like a trip to the grocery store. Anita’s budget is even more constricted during the winter months when the cost to heat their home increases.

Fortunately, one day she stumbled upon Wilson County Help Center, a Second Harvest Partner Agency in Lebanon that provides a variety of community resources.

In addition to nutritious groceries at the Center’s food pantry, Anita is able to shop for various items at the thrift store. In fact, she recently landed a part-time job coordinating the store’s operations.

Clearly, Wilson County Help Center has made a difference in Anita’s life. She says your gifts are helping keep her kitchen stocked, which is really important to her family.

At the early age of 9, Kristin – now a high school senior – began joining her mom in the kitchen. Over the years, she has developed a passion for cooking, especially with her mother. Together, they make large dishes that will last for several meals, like chicken alfredo, lasagna and other hearty favorites.

This holiday season, your generosity will allow Anita and Kristin to have the means to prepare and share a special meal together. That simple comfort is integral to this special time of year — and Anita’s so grateful you’re helping to make that possible for her and her daughter. “

You don’t know how many people you are helping with even a small gift,” she says.

During times of struggle, you bring hope to local families through your generosity. Thank you for sharing what you have to help alleviate hunger for our neighbors like Anita and Kristin.

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