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You’re Feeding Young Minds at Bordeaux Elementary

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.50.31 AM
Khloe, a child that participates in the BackPack Program at Bordeaux Elementary.

Joshua Jacob has a very important job to do this afternoon. But he wouldn’t be able to do it without the generosity of Second Harvest supporters like you.

As director of family resources at Bordeaux Elementary, Joshua oversees the BackPack Program at the end of every school week. Through this initiative, students receive a bag full of kid-friendly food items to eat over the weekend. It’s a relief for Joshua to know the kids won’t go hungry.

“It gives them the opportunity to have something to take home and have on the weekends when they may not have food in the house,” he says.

Because nearly every child at the school comes from a low-income household, this resource is a real help. All of the parents Joshua has met want their kids to be happy and healthy. But with so many expenses putting a strain on their finances, affording enough groceries can be difficult for these hardworking families. For many kids, participation in the BackPack Program means the difference between eating and going hungry on the weekend.

In addition to providing food, the BackPack Program helps Joshua learn about other needs in the school’s community. He says every child enrolled in the program takes home a letter for their parents with questions about any other needs the family may have. This helps Joshua and his team find solutions for other problems that might be keeping a child from learning.

By fighting hunger with us, you’re playing an active role in removing major obstacles to the health and success of young people across Middle Tennessee. Speaking as someone who actually sees the work you make possible every day, Joshua thanks you for being a part of helping students succeed.

“You are the village that’s raising these children,” he says.

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