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You Gave Hope to a Mother in Dickson County

Mary could feed her children nutritious food because of your support.

Mary Mary only sought help to feed her family three times in the last two years. But for this single mother, it’s made all the difference.

“I don’t think that people would get by in life without this,” Mary says.

Your support helps parents like Mary fill their holiday tables with healthy food for their children.

We met Mary and her children, 7-year-old Isabella and 8-year-old Emmanuel, at the Dickson County Help Center, a Second Harvest Partner Agency. Mary says it’s a big stress reliever just knowing help is there when they need it.

At these tougher times, Mary wonders, “How am I going to make ends meet?” Which is why she especially wants to thank you today. She thinks the community as a whole would be “really bad off ” without the food you help provide through Second Harvest.

“Thank you and God bless you,” Mary says to you, with her children smiling by her side.

Your gifts are helping hungry neighbors like Mary feed their families through the holiday season and beyond. Thank you for your compassion during this season of sharing!

Help us put hope back on the table for families in need across Middle and West Tennessee.


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