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Without free school meals, local kids are at risk

Joseph has plans. He wants to be a police officer when he is older because he likes helping people. While the nine-year-old misses his friends during the COVID-19 school closures, he is enjoying spending time at home with his grandmother – whom he calls his best friend. 

Joseph and his grandparents.

Joseph, like many children in Middle and West Tennessee, receives free breakfast and lunch during the school year. But when school cafeterias close for summer break, these children lose access to the food they depend on. 

During the summer months, struggling families have to provide 10 additional meals per week per child. In a typical 10-week summer break, that’s 100 meals per child. These additional meals are a tremendous burden for low-income families who have difficulty providing enough food even when school is in session.

This summer, our community is facing a shortfall of 5 million meals for hungry children in Middle and West Tennessee.

You can help.

Second Harvest sponsors the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) at sites throughout Middle Tennessee each summer. Through this program we provide breakfasts, lunches, or suppers to help ensure that low-income children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.

No child should ever have to worry how or when they will eat their next meal. Help us fill the gap, so children like Joseph will have the fuel they need to grow all summer long.

Together, we can make this a Hunger Free Summer.

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