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Is Fighting Hunger Related to Agriculture?

National Agriculture Day is an important day for Second Harvest, because we know the role agriculture plays in fighting hunger. Since starting our innovative agricultural initiative, Project Grow, Second Harvest has taken proactive steps to join in the agricultural sphere of the fight against hunger. More than just a farm, Project Grow is a community-centric program with a range of goals aimed at enriching both our agricultural landscape and the lives of our neighbors in need. 

Project Grow Volunteer, Mark

What is Project Grow? Project Grow is a pioneering two-year agricultural initiative initiated by Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. Our program isn’t just about planting crops; it’s about cultivating community connections, fostering volunteer engagement, providing valuable educational opportunities, and most importantly, growing nutritious food for those facing food insecurity. Donna Vick, leader of the initiative, says “We wouldn’t have food without agriculture, but teaching others how to grow their own food, teaching others how to be sustainable in an agricultural way really goes to the fight against hunger.” Thanks to the dedication of over 104 volunteers like Mark, we’ve harvested nearly 2,500 pounds of fresh produce.

Project Grow shows how agriculture is than just a means of food production. Donna continues, “The goal of Project Grow is to bring new people to the table, collaborate with others, especially in the agricultural field, and grow great produce. Educating others how to grow food, how to maintain food, and how to preserve food I think is the key to working towards hunger solutions.” Agriculture is a powerful tool for education, community engagement, and enrichment.” By involving local residents, businesses, and organizations in our farming efforts, we’re fostering a sense of ownership and pride in our shared mission to combat hunger and promote food security. 

We invite you to join us in celebrating the vital role of agriculture in our lives this National Agriculture Day. Whether it’s volunteering on the farm, supporting local growers, or advocating for policies that promote food access, your contributions can make a difference. Together, we can cultivate a brighter future for all.   

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