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Extending Your Compassion

If you met Chris now, you would never know how much he’s survived just to get to a place where he’s mostly at peace. Sadly, he endured significant abuse as a child, and it left him with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), agoraphobia (fear of leaving his home), and persistent panic attacks.

As an adult, after working in construction until 2012, Chris wrote an autobiography titled, “My life is over. Or is it?” He’s very proud of the work, which he hopes will help others.

Now a senior citizen, Chris lives in an RV with his beloved dog on a very fixed income. “I’ve tried to make it. I’ve been trying,” he says. “But disability isn’t enough. The check comes once a month and by mid-month, I have nothing left for food.”

Living alone with his dog, Chris often finds himself looking into his refrigerator, wondering how to make ends meet. At times he survives on oatmeal and iced tea. There are days he asks himself, “I don’t get out of my house, so what am I going to do?”

But through the support of kind neighbors like you, today Chris receives regular food distributions from a Mobile Pantry at Sulphur Well Church of Christ in Henry County. Chris is one of many people who live in what’s called a “food desert” — an area where residents have no convenient options for securing affordable and healthy foods.

These folks often have transportation challenges as well. So, Second Harvest meets people where they are. Our mobile distribution sites deliver food to neighbors in their communities, ensuring they and their children have nutritious food. Knowing he has a reliable source of nourishment has positively impacted Chris’s physical and mental health, while touching a special place in his heart. “I’m getting emotional,” he says. “If it wasn’t for this food, I don’t know what I would do. This is my lifesaver. Thank you.”

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