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Ethan is Energized: How You Help Our Young Neighbors Thrive

Ethan loves baseball. His smile widens when he trots out to take his place at third base. He also loves math, “because we use it every day,” beams the sixth-grader.

But Ethan’s daily activities require loads of on-thego energy—an invaluable resource that you help provide. Ethan has enjoyed activities at the Easley Community Center for five years now. Your gifts supply our Partner Agencies with nutritious food for the young people they serve.

When Ethan plays baseball, he likes to have a hearty snack before and during a game to keep his energy up. He knows how important it is to stay full and focused both in the classroom and on the field.

“I’ve grown up with all the kids here,” says Ethan in describing the center’s family-like atmosphere. “We get crackers, apple sauce, orange juice, fruit punch. I love the fruit punch! I do my homework at school, so when I get here, I can have a snack and play with my friends.”

I have to have my granola bars before I go into a game. They’re the best.

“Food is so important for sports,” Ethan continues. “I have to have my granola bars before I go into a game. They’re the best. I always get sleepy and hungry in class, but snacks help me focus.”

Our local community center partners receive nutritious food through the generosity of kind neighbors like you. When you see kids like Ethan
smile, please know that you’re making incredible differences throughout our communities. Thank you for your selfless compassion.

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