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Christopher and Natosha Are Giving Thanks for You

About a year ago, Natosha and her husband, Christopher, took a leap of faith. The couple invested most of their savings in their new cleaning business. 

They were having success with both residential and commercial clients. But then there was the COVID-19 outbreak. “We understand why clients have cancelled,” Christopher says. “It’s a scary time.”

It was jarring and sad to see the business they were building suddenly halt. The couple wasn’t sure what to do. “When you work for yourself, you have no one to lean back on,” Natosha says. 

Unfortunately, because they work for themselves, she and Christopher have been struggling to access unemployment benefits. That’s why they’re so glad they found out about the Second Harvest grocery distribution at McGavock High School near their home in Donelson. 

Volunteers at McGavock place boxes of healthy food directly in visitors’ car trunks to provide food assistance as safely and efficiently as possible.

“This is truly a blessing,” Natosha says. “Not having to worry about paying for food so we can cover our other expenses…it’s a godsend. We can’t thank you enough.”

During these uncertain times, it’s a real comfort for your neighbors to know they have you in their corner. Thank you for helping build a brighter future. 

“This is a blessing and shows that people still care, that no matter what is going on they come together and try to help,” Christopher says to friends like you.

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