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Celebrate Black History Month with Felicia at Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee 

February is an important month for Felicia, a dedicated volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee since 2016. It’s not only her birthday month but also Black History Month, a time when the contributions and achievements of African Americans are celebrated across the nation. Felicia’s involvement with Second Harvest is a powerful narrative of community service, dedication, and the importance of acknowledging the impact of Black Americans in the fight against hunger.

A Heart for Volunteering

Felicia’s journey with Second Harvest began through her company’s volunteering program. From her first shift, she was moved by the visible need for hunger solutions in her community. “I’ve never been hungry. I’ve never had to worry about where I am going to find food,” she recalls. Hearing the testimonies of the struggles of families and working people unable to afford food ignited a passion in her to contribute. Felicia is always ready to lend a hand. After she heard the impact she helped create after her first volunteer shift, Felicia said to herself, “I’ll forever be a volunteer at Second Harvest.”

Building Community and Friendships

Felicia cherishes her text message group with fellow volunteers where they can coordinate their shifts. Felicia has found over the years she may be packing food boxes at volunteer shifts, but she gets more than just a sense of fulfillment when she is at Second Harvest. “We may be hanging out with friends, but we are also serving the community,” Felicia shares. She finds joy in morning volunteer shifts, where she can connect with regular volunteers and pack Disaster Relief and Senior Nutrition Boxes.

Honoring Black History Month

During Black History Month, Felicia’s efforts take on additional meaning. She points out, “African Americans have contributed a lot to this country, but we also suffer disproportionately from food insecurity.” Through hosting Black History Month volunteer shifts, Felicia creates a space for celebrating the achievements of Black Americans while contributing to the fight against hunger. She ends by saying, “We are often taught about the hardships or suffering of Black people, but it’s important to talk about our achievements, too.”

A Call to Action

Felicia reminds us of the power of volunteering in addressing critical issues like hunger. Her dedication to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and her efforts to honor Black History Month through volunteerism serve as an inspiring example of how individual commitment can contribute to meaningful change.

As Black History Month ends, let’s remember the contributions of volunteers like Felicia and their critical role in advancing hunger solutions. It’s a reminder that each of us has the potential to make a difference in our communities, honoring the legacy of those who have paved the way for a better future.

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