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Can You Celebrate Women’s History Month with Second Harvest?

Volunteers come to Second Harvest with the intention to fight hunger for more reasons than we can count. Some are here to help rebuild their communities, some come to give back after receiving help themselves, and some come to celebrate the resilience and strength of women throughout history. Women’s History Month is an important time for Susan, a longtime volunteer at Second Harvest. Susan gives her time to Second Harvest twice a week to fight hunger and celebrate women’s history in a unique way. 

Susan hasn’t always understood the place that women hold in the history of the fight against hunger. Susan shares, “I looked into the history of its creation I have come to truly appreciate having a month set aside to celebrate and learn about all that women have done throughout history.” Women, such as Shirley Chisholm, who was the architect of WIC, have made our mission possible. Susan continues, “It is valuable to shine a light on these contributions that often have been unseen and left unnoticed.” Women’s History Month is a time for celebration, but also a time for learning. 

The theme for this year’s celebration is to “recognize the example of women who are committed to embracing everyone and excluding no one in our common quest for freedom and opportunity.” This idea of embracing and including everyone on their quest for freedom resonates deeply with Susan. Susan reminds, “It is critical that we all realize in this worthy pursuit that freedom from hunger is critical and required if a person is to pursue life and all the opportunities available.” Unless a person is free from the bounds of hunger, they aren’t truly free. 

Susan ends, “I am so grateful to have discovered volunteering at Second Harvest to begin to help end hunger in our communities.” This Women’s History Month, Susan and Second Harvest are championing discovery, celebration, and freedom. We invite you to join us this historic month and fight hunger alongside women like Susan. 

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