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One Family Proves That Giving Back Is as Important as Receiving

To show their gratitude, Lisa and her son volunteer at the very food bank they receive groceries from.

Lisa at Graceworks WestLisa wants you to know that your gifts have inspired her and her family – even as they receive your gifts of food, they are looking for ways to give what they can to others.

“[You] helped us,” Lisa said. “We figured it would be best to give back.”

Lisa and her husband are raising two kids, 15-year-old Caleb and 8-year-old Essie. With limited income and poor health, the parents are thankful their children receive free lunch at school. But food runs short quickly at home during the summer when school is out.

“When you’re a parent and you can’t feed your children, it [feels like] a sickness,” Lisa said.

Lisa and her husband travel 30 minutes to get to Graceworks Ministries, a Second Harvest partner agency in Fairview. But the trip and gas spent to get there is always worth it. They receive groceries from the food pantry to provide for their family, but they also take away inspiration to give what they can to others.

Lisa and Caleb both volunteer through Graceworks – Caleb often helps pack boxes for food distribution at his school. He also serves in a mentor program in their community.

“I think it’s great because he learns that giving back is just as important as receiving,” Lisa said of her son.

This summer, Lisa is especially thankful that you’re making it possible for her family to get the nutrition they need to keep them healthy enough to serve others.

“Thank you for your support,” said Lisa. “You have no idea what you’ve done to help so many people.”

Want to give back like Lisa and Caleb? Learn how you can fight hunger in Middle Tennessee!


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