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Claudean’s Family is Thankful for You

From left: Wyatt (4), Savannah (7), Harley Rae (3), Abby (5), and Hayden (10) 

Life changed dramatically for Lacey after a car accident left her disabled. And it changed for her mother Claudean, too, when she stepped in to care for her daughter and five grandchildren who range from 10 years old to just 3.

A retired health care worker, Claudean struggles to feed her family on her fixed income and the small amount of disability assistance Lacey receives.

Thankfully, your support helps stock the shelves of the Five Loaves Food Pantry in Crawford, where the family is able to receive nutritious food.

“We are living one day at a time. We have seven mouths to feed in the family on very little money,” Claudean says. “This food sure does help when it gets really tough.”

Claudean’s family is just one of many who are turning to their local food pantries. Five Loaves used to serve 170 families – since COVID-19, that number has more than doubled.

A bout with pneumonia was yet another setback for Claudean. After spending nearly a month in the hospital, she worries about the additional bills.

“When I got sick, I was so afraid it was COVID,” she says. “The doctors say it was pneumonia. Can you imagine being relieved you have pneumonia?”

Your gifts are helping take hunger off the table at Claudean’s house, and she is so grateful. “We are so thankful for you doing this,” she says. “The food is so good and so helpful. “Without the food pantry … we wouldn’t eat. Thank you for helping us!”

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