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Lisa & Joe: “We feel that the few hours we work is a way to give back to the community”

This June, Second Harvest Food Bank is highlighting a husband and wife who have made volunteering at Second Harvest a weekly tradition. So far the couple has donated nearly 440 hours of their time to fight hunger!

When did you start volunteering with Second Harvest?

Joe: Lisa started in March 2020 and I started in April 2020.  

Lisa: My niece had volunteered here before and when I was retiring, she told me I should come here. Then when everything shut down, I said, I can’t stand sitting at home. So I came and I fell in love with the place. I brought him along and he did too. 

Joe: She’s got a servant’s heart. 

What is your favorite volunteer opportunity?

Joe: We both like to do the dry food sort best, but have done food boxes and backpacks too. We enjoy working with the Tuesday/Thursday morning bunch and also come on Fridays and Saturdays occasionally.   

Describe your favorite volunteer memory?

Lisa: I just love a lot of the camaraderie and working together. We are always working to reach goals with the regulars and even new people that come in. It keeps us going and keeps it fun. 

Joe: The most fun I had was the day we were here by ourselves. No other volunteers came, but we set a goal for one another and we did 350 backpacks! 

Why it is important for you to volunteer?

Joe: We feel that the few hours we work is a way to give back to the community especially to those suffering from the pandemic. Giving a monetary gift is important, but contributing our time is just as important. 

Lisa: I feel very blessed. The shutdown didn’t impact us in a big way other than boredom. There are so many people less fortunate than me and if I can give something to help I will. As long as I am physically and mentally able I will.  

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Second Harvest?

Lisa: These are great people to work with. They are organized and nice and you build up relationships. Y’all seem to know what you’re doing here. We feel the love. I’ve seen firsthand how you guys have impacted the community. I am a teacher, so I see the backpacks when they come into the schools. I helped with disaster relief after the tornados, and I saw the Second Harvest disaster boxes. You are making a real impact. 

Join Lisa and Joe in helping feed our neighbors in need by signing up for a volunteer shift today!

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