Cómo trabajamos

... and Why We're Indispensable

Massive quantities of food get dumped into landfills, yet 1 in 8 Middle Tennesseans experience hunger. This is partially a logistics problem. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, Second Harvest has the space and manpower to manage large shipments, break them into smaller units, and send them at the right time and in the right quantity to our network of Partner Agencies across 46 counties.

Where It All Starts

We get donated and surplus food from grocery stores, farms, manufacturers, distributors, and individuals. We then bring the food to one of our three warehouses where the food is inspected and sorted by volunteers, then safely stored.

What We Do

We also raise funds and write grants to buy food at bulk prices, fund feeding programs, and cover operation costs. Storing and delivering food safely is a complex undertaking, requiring warehouse space, refrigerated trucks, fuel, wages for drivers, and so much more.

Where It Goes

We distribute food to Partner Agencies including afterschool programs, soup kitchens, senior centers, and other nonprofits that provide food to people facing hunger. Each agency has unique needs. We send them as much food as  they can safely store and the right types of foods to keep their clients healthy and happy.

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