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You Help Richard Afford Crucial Medication

Richard’s diabetes requires him to monitor his glucose levels, which means he needs insulin to survive. Another important way for him to keep his disease in check is by eating a wide variety of fresh, nutritious food. Unfortunately, insulin and healthy food are both very expensive – more than Richard can currently afford with his disability and Social Security benefits.

“One of my insulins is $700 a month and the other is $600 a month – plus all of my other medicine,” he says.

Fortunately, with the help of Second Harvest and the United Ministries Food Bank of Robertson County, Richard is able to get the food he needs, which means the money he saves on groceries can be put toward his medication each month!

“If it weren’t for y’all,” Richard says to friends like you, “I’d be in trouble. Y’all are awesome people.”

Richard is so appreciative of his supportive community that he volunteers at food distributions to give back. He breaks down boxes and helps bag up fruit and other food items. He likes helping people the way he is helped.

To you who make this support possible, thank you for being such a sure source of strength for our community. Your kindness is a bright light for our neighbors at risk of going hungry.

Chaque dollar que vous donnez aide à fournir au moins 4 repas à des familles dans le besoin grâce à Second Harvest.

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