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With Gratitude, From Paul

Having nutritious food to eat at home is something we often take for granted, but it couldn’t be more important — especially for neighbors like Paul who are facing health problems.

Medicine or food?

Paul’s disability forced him to stop working, so now he depends on a small, fixed monthly income. He often worries about making ends meet. With all his expenses and medical costs, the healthy food he needs is frequently out of his budget.

To further complicate his situation, Paul has diabetes: Treatment requires a special diet full of fresh, healthy foods. Unfortunately nutritious items like produce tend to be among the most expensive at the supermarket.

“This is a blessing.”

A few years ago, Paul was passing by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Nashville and saw a sign advertising its food pantry. He’s been visiting regularly ever since.

“A big thank you!” Paul says to friends like you. “This is a blessing.”

Paul gathered groceries alongside his friend, Randy, during a trip to the food pantry. He also mentioned it’s been a real relief to fill his kitchen with the healthy food he needs to manage his disease.

Your partnership brings hope to so many people. Thank you for sharing what you have!

Want to help more seniors like Paul? Learn how to donate to Second Harvest . We offer many options including one time as well as recurring gifts. 


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