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The Hagoods Show how the Power of ONE can Fight Hunger

The Hagood family has fought hunger alongside Second Harvest since 2008. Our mission of fighting hunger and advancing hunger solutions resonated with their beliefs. Barbara Hagood says, “Food is a necessary and critical item for families to flourish, and sometimes people are temporarily in need of assistance. The safety net Second Harvest provides is invaluable to families, and particularly children.” The Hagoods initially gave to support Second Harvest programs, such as our BackPack program to supply food for students over the weekend. However, over our 15 year long partnership, the Hagoods have evolved, and fight hunger in new and unique ways.

Barbara continues, “While financial support is critical to provide, we also enjoy working with Second Harvest to volunteer in various ways.” The Hagoods have given countless hours of their time to Second Harvest packing produce boxes, sorting food donations, and even packing the BackPacks their monetary support helps fund. “Being directly involved in the organization gives such a better feel for the scale of the operation and to the huge impact Second Harvest makes to families in need,” Barbara continues, “Our kids have really enjoyed these hands on experiences over the years and know the fulfilling feeling of giving back to our community.”

The Hagoods have gotten so invested in volunteering that they have even made giving back a holiday tradition. The Family and Friends Shift is exactly what it sounds like: a time around the holidays when the Hagood family and their friends come to Second Harvest and volunteer their time. Barbara explains, “We have had our kids, parents, siblings with their spouses and kids, plus some dear friends along with their children, so we had an age range of 8-85 all working together. The shift is a ton of fun as we crank holiday tunes, see which team can pack the most boxes and we often have dinner afterwards.” The Hagoods know that when we work together and each commits ONE action, we see an impact that multiplies.

Want to get involved like the Hagoods for Power of One? Barbara has some advice: “There are three things you can do. 1) provide financial support where possible and feel confident that Second Harvest uses this support productively for those in need. 2) donate food 3) volunteer in the many offered opportunities by Second Harvest – and bring a friend along!” For Power of One, be like the Hagoods and show the power ONE action can have!

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