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Your Generosity Spreads Hope and Joy

Greens. Tomatoes. Apples. Kale. If you’re fortunate, these are foods you can put in your shopping cart anytime you want. But fresh produce is usually out of reach for our neighbors who struggle to afford even inexpensive (and less nutritious) foods. 

You can imagine the joy Karen felt when she got to heap these foods and more into her basket at a Second Harvest mobile pantry held at Grace Place in Hermitage. What a feast she’d make for her grandson, Christopher!

Karen is retired and raising Christopher on her own. She only receives $30 a month in SNAP benefits, and it’s barely enough to buy the milk they need each week. 

“When you walk in the store, you have to pick and choose what to buy, but this allows you to give your child healthy stuff,” she says of the Mobile Pantry. “It’s wonderful here!” 

She says the mobile pantry food also leaves her more money to pay bills, which is a big deal at this time of year when heating costs go up. And when Christopher is out of school for the upcoming holiday breaks, Karen won’t have anxiety about how to feed him… all thanks to you. 

“I’m grateful. I know this is a gift,” she says, directly to donors like you. “You don’t have to do this for us. It makes me believe there are still good people out there.” 

This holiday season, Karen and Christopher have the means to cook healthy, beautiful meals together. Because of you, they’ll get to celebrate the big days with the comfort of each other’s company and a full table. 

Help Second Harvest reduce the burden of hunger for your neighbors in need. Your heartfelt generosity will spread hope and joy, especially at this time of year.

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