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Tapria Moody: “Volunteering and instilling the practice of volunteering into my children is extremely important to me”

This November, Second Harvest is highlighting a mother and two daughters who have turned volunteering at our Family Nights into a family tradition.

When did you start volunteering with Second Harvest?

My daughters, Tatum and Terrace, and I started volunteering at Second Harvest in 2016. We have been humbly packaging school backpack meals on Family Night since then.

What is your favorite volunteer opportunity?

Family Night is our favorite volunteer opportunity so far. My girls are now old enough for other volunteering opportunities, so we have future plans for Tatum, my teenager, for instance, to volunteer on the Tennessee produce farms. 

Describe your favorite volunteer memory?

My girls really enjoy the volunteer experience every time we go! Each time is different because there are different volunteering families, different foods to pack, and other variables adding to the variety. Terrace enjoys, along with other kids, jumping atop the empty boxes to compress them down during clean up. I see the responsible nature and purpose fall on Tatum as she works collectively with her team on what she considers to be a serious task. They look forward to touring the massive deep freezer, and the competition aspect of packaging these meals in the time allotted adds to the rush! Recently, we’ve participated in the Second Harvest Education sessions 101 and 202- wonderful enlightenment ! I have been able to build off of the lessons learned from these sessions.

Why it is important for you to volunteer?

Volunteering and instilling the practice of volunteering into my children is extremely important to me. I believe that people are created as rivers- that is- we should be continually giving and receiving. My girls love doing the work coupled with the meaningful goal of feeding the hungry. It is greatly fulfilling to all of us. They always ask to return and volunteer again. I, myself, am grateful to have my family be a blessing to others.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Second Harvest?

Second Harvest has a spirit of compassion and purpose. It offers the community opportunity to work together to help each other. Its mission is exemplary and so is its staff.

Join Tapria and her daughters in helping feed our neighbors in need by signing up for a volunteer shift today!

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