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You’re making it a happy holiday season for Donny

It hasn’t been an easy year for Donny. After suffering a massive heart attack, he’s had some major health setbacks, including memory loss. But the kindness of friends like you encourages him this holiday season. 

Because of his poor health, Donny’s been out of work, leaving him struggling to afford basic bills and groceries. He especially needs nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables to help him heal and gain strength, but healthy food is often too expensive on Donny’s limited budget. 

Thankfully, a friend recently told Donny about the Radical Heart food pantry at Hermitage Hills Baptist Church, a Partner Agency of Second Harvest. We met up with Donny on his second visit there. 

“The food they gave me last time helped me through all these problems I’m going through,” Donny says. “It made me believe these people believe in me, no doubt.” 

Especially during the holidays, you can imagine what it means to Donny to know people like you care enough to remember him and put good food on his table. “Thank you,” he says, smiling. 

At this special time of year, you cab make such a difference in the lives of thousands of neighbors like Donny across your community. Join us in embracing this season of sharing and giving generously to your neighbors facing hunger. 

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