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You Take Pressure off Families Facing Hunger

Angela is 5 years old and very excited to go back to school this fall. She attends Glenview Elementary School in Nashville, where she loves her teachers and playing with her friends.

In fact, Angela loves her teachers so much that she wants to be a teacher too. “They’re nice and make people happy,” she says. “I love school!”

At Angela’s school, 99% of students qualify for free school meals. That means nearly all families who attend Glenview Elementary require additional support when it comes to putting healthy food on the table that will best set kids up for success.

Second Harvest offers pantries at schools like Glenview Elementary where students and parents like Angela and her mom, Aura, can pick up prepared meals and other necessities.

Aura is so appreciative of the food her family receives, and Angela is always overjoyed when she’s handed a grocery bag heavy with packaged meals, ready to take home.

“This smells yummy!” Angela squeals with delight.

Your generosity does so much to relieve families like Angela’s of the pressure faced by countless households now that the cost of living is rising. Thanks to you, Middle and West Tennesseans who would otherwise be at risk of missing meals have the food needed to thrive.

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