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You Make a Difference for Neighbors Like Lou

Lou lives in Chapel Hill with her husband, who is a farmer. Lou worked in the food service industry for more than 27 years. The couple considers themselves extremely hardworking and, usually, self-sufficient.

Unfortunately, Lou was forced to retire early after a back injury and two subsequent surgeries. With only one income, Lou and her husband are trying hard to get by, but the rising cost of living and mounting medical bills are making it difficult.

The couple knew they needed help, but, Lou says, “Asking for help is hard, especially when you’re used to taking care of yourself.”

When Lou was young, she was adopted through the foster care system, and she recognizes the power of helping and taking care of others. The nutritious food she receives at the Second Harvest Mobile Pantry at Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church reminds her of this kindness she received as a child.

“I know how it feels to finally find somebody that loves you and is able to take care of you,” she says. “That is what people are doing right here – working together, loving one another, embracing one another, caring for one another.”

Your support is a real source of kindness and warmth for Tennessee neighbors like Lou and her husband. Thank you for being there for our community members who would otherwise face hunger without your generosity.

“I am so thankful to be a part of this community,” Lou says.

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