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You Help Save Lives Like Bette’s

Bette, 80, looks forward to every visit from Second Harvest Commodity Supplemental Food Program representatives — visits that have been lifesaving in more ways than one.

Bette overcame serious hardships and was happily making ends meet when the COVID-19 pandemic began. After all her hard work, she lost her only income and was hospitalized for neglecting her nutritional needs just to pay her basic bills.

During her hospital stay, Bette found out about the Commodity Supplemental Food Program. The program, coupled with a newfound affordable living arrangement, helped Bette settle into a healthier routine and regain her footing.

That routine also includes regular visits from Second Harvest delivery driver, Jess, who delivers food to seniors across Davidson County. Bette always waits by the door for Jess’ visits, both for the food they deliver and for the friendship they bring.

That’s why Jess knew something was wrong one day when Bette wasn’t at the door. After hearing a low murmur, Jess proceeded inside and discovered Bette had fallen three days earlier and had been too weak to get up or call for help.

“I did everything possible to lift myself up, and I couldn’t for three days,” Bette recalls. “Then I heard this beautiful voice — Jess from Second Harvest. They saved my life.”

Since that day, Bette has regained her mobility, independence and most importantly, her confidence. She still looks forward to her visits from Jess and is thankful for friends like you for making the nutritious food, and the visits from Jess, available to her.

“I’ve had guardian angels along the way, and I consider Second Harvest to be one of my angels.”

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