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You Bring Comfort to Tennessee Seniors

Melvin has lived in Nashville his entire life, so he’s seen the city go through numerous changes. But one thing that’s always stayed the same is the community’s generosity. 

“I know someone is looking out for me, and that means something to an old guy like me,” Melvin says, smiling. 

Melvin, 67, worked for the same roadside assistance company from age 17 until his retirement five years ago. Now that he’s retired, he says there’s little money left over once his bills are paid. 

That’s why he’s so grateful for the groceries you help provide for him and other seniors each month when Second Harvest delivers boxes of food to Kelly Miller Smith Tower. 

“[It helps] having this come right here and all we have to do is come downstairs to pick it up,” he says. “It’s great and helps an old man like me out.” 

Melvin has a few health concerns, so he says he tries to eat the most nutritious food he can. You’re helping make that possible through your ongoing support. 

“So many don’t get to grow old,” he says. “I thank God every day I wake up for another day on this Earth.” 

Melvin also thanks generous donors like you for choosing to help neighbors like him.

“I loved helping people fix their trucks so they could get back on the road,” he says of his former job. “Now people are helping me. Isn’t that something?” 

Thank you for making our community’s hardworking seniors stronger and healthier through your gifts to Second Harvest. 

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