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What Role does National Immigrant Day Play in the Fight Against Hunger?

In honor of National Immigrant Day, Second Harvest would like to shine a spotlight on the significant contributions of immigrants in our fight against hunger. One story that stands out is our blossoming partnership with The Welcome Garden. 

The genesis of The Welcome Garden was driven by a simple, yet profound question from its now leader, Ann: “Who would we serve?” The answer led them to support immigrant communities, primarily Latinas. Ann remarks, “You’re aware of the immigration crisis, but it just seems so far away at the border.” She highlights the reality many face, but is often overlooked. The reality of being lost in a new place. Amidst these challenges, The Welcome Garden has become a symbol of unity, growth, and healing. 

Over time, the collaboration brought together three sisters who’ve called America home for decades. From teaching ESL classes to pastoring at local churches, their journey in America is a testament to the indomitable immigrant spirit that is embedded at the heart of the American Dream. The garden, which was once just a field, is now a thriving ecosystem of diverse crops. They began with a humble harvest of 50 pounds of produce but now celebrate yields weighing in at over 700 pounds! 

Our partnership with The Welcome Garden has been instrumental in bolstering our efforts at Second Harvest. “Second Harvest is fabulous and such a gift to our folks in need,” Ann shared, highlighting our shared mission. A third of their harvest is generously contributed to Second Harvest, helping ensure that no one in our community goes to bed hungry. 

But beyond the produce and the numbers lies the real impact of the garden. It’s a sanctuary where new immigrants find solace, healing, and a sense of belonging. A place where they “can feel safe and not afraid.” As beautifully expressed, “The world needs gardens, new immigrants need jobs.” 

As we celebrate National Immigrant Day, let’s remember the invaluable contributions of immigrant communities. They enrich our culture, strengthen our economy, and play a pivotal role in our combined efforts against hunger. Ann tells our donors, partners, and supporters, let’s continue working hand-in-hand, because “If you’ve got land, you can do this people!” 

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