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What is the Best Way to Empower Students for the School Day?

During National School Breakfast Week, it’s important to highlight the pivotal role a healthy breakfast plays in a successful day for students. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, we know what starting the day right for young learners means. So, we’re shining a spotlight on the experiences of kids like Akhari, a young student, who shares her journey of learning, friendship, and the significance of a school breakfast.

For many, the morning rush can often mean skipping the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Saving a few minutes in your morning routine by forgoing breakfast may sound harmless, but, for some students, skipping breakfast is not a choice. Households facing food insecurity often go without breakfast to stretch their budgets and groceries, which can have detrimental results. Thankfully, schools across the nation have been working diligently to ensure that no child starts their day hungry. Akhari, like many of her peers, finds solace in the school’s breakfast program. “When I go to school in the morning, they have breakfast for us. I don’t always get to eat breakfast at home. It’s nice to get breakfast at school with your friends,” she shares. Her insight highlights the sense of comfort and normalcy a healthy breakfast allows.

Now that she’s gotten her morning meal, Akhari’s school day is filled with both interesting challenges and excitement. From tackling the complexities of learning how to multiply and divide decimals – which she compares to solving puzzles with her family – to her goal of joining the track team, Akhari’s days are model for the ideal school-day. She recognizes the importance of nutrition in supporting her, especially as she prepares to try out for the track team. “Track requires you to stay well-fed with healthy food,” she notes.

At Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, we believe in the power of community support to ensure that students like Akhari have access to the nutritious meals they need to succeed. Our efforts, in conjunction with local schools’ breakfast programs, aim to eliminate hunger as a barrier to learning and personal growth. Beyond the academic benefits, school breakfast programs offer a unique opportunity for students to bond with their peers. For Akhari, school breakfasts are more than just a meal; they’re a chance to connect with friends and make new ones.

National School Breakfast Week is a time to celebrate the strides made in ensuring every child begins their day with a nutritious meal. Through the eyes of students like Akhari, we are reminded of the profound impact these programs have on their daily lives, both academically and socially. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, we understand that a healthy breakfast is the first step towards a brighter future for all children.

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