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What have Pete and Judy Nebhut Learned about Fighting Hunger? 

This year marks the 46th anniversary of Second Harvest, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the heartwarming story of Pete and Judy Nebhut. They’re not just long-time donors; they’re proof of how caring and working together can make a big difference.

Pete and Judy, who first met at a friend’s wedding 63 years ago, have always believed in giving back. Their commitment to Second Harvest started more than 30 years ago, thanks to Pete’s kind heart. After reading a newspaper article asking for food donations during Thanksgiving, he didn’t think twice and decided to help. That first step led to many more, including donating turkeys at Christmas and even securing new refrigerators for Second Harvest when he learned they were needed.

Pete’s knack for getting people involved and his deep desire to help have played a huge role in spreading the word about Second Harvest’s mission. Meanwhile, Judy has found her calling in volunteering directly with those we serve, creating moments of genuine human connection. She believes in the power of sitting down and sharing a meal, saying it makes everyone feel like human beings.

Over the years, the Nebhuts have seen Second Harvest grow from a small operation to the large network it is today. They have been especially passionate about fighting child hunger, supporting programs like the BackPack program, which they adore. Pete says, “Things have certainly changed.” Judy specifically is fond of the development of the BackPack program: “The BackPack program, we love.”

Pete’s 75th birthday celebration at Second Harvest, with 50 close friends, turned into a night of volunteering, showcasing their commitment to our cause. The memorable evening also inspired their friends to support Second Harvest in meaningful ways.

Pete and Judy’s journey began with a simple act of reading a newspaper article about people in need. Today, they reflect on their decades-long mission with stories of hope and a sense of accomplishment. Seeing the community’s support for Second Harvest’s mission fills them with pride.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, Pete and Judy’s story reminds us of the impact that each of us can have. Pete sums it up best: “Over the years, I’ve learned there are a lot of people who are hungry and need our help.”

Let’s take inspiration from Pete and Judy Nebhut. Together, we can continue to fight hunger and build a better future for everyone. Join us and the Nebhuts in making a difference.

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