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Hugh Chisholm: “We are all making a difference”

This March, Second Harvest is highlighting a Nashville transplant who wanted to make an impact in his new community.

When did you start volunteering with Second Harvest?

I started volunteering during the summer of 2019.  I had just moved to Nashville, and wanted to find a way to get involved in my community.  I chose Second Harvest because I had volunteered with a food bank in Michigan.  

What is your favorite volunteer opportunity?

Volunteering at the warehouse in Nashville gives you many opportunities for food sorting. I really don’t have a preference, it is just having the opportunity to help get the food prepared so it can get to the right agencies and to the people who need it.

Describe your favorite volunteer memory?

My favorite memories are the other volunteers and the staff at Second Harvest. Everyone comes together for one purpose and each time I leave, I know the group did their best to pack as much cold sorting, emergency boxes, or backpacks as they could. 

Why it is important for you to volunteer?

Volunteering is important unfortunately because the need is so great. 2020 has been a bit off the charts and many more people that live in this area and in America in general are dealing with food insecurity on a daily basis.  

Is there anything else you would like people to know about Second Harvest?

As an individual, my contribution is relatively small, but in concert with the other volunteers and the staff at Second Harvest, we are all making a difference and that makes coming to the warehouse something I always look forward to.

Join Hugh in helping feed our neighbors in need by signing up for a volunteer shift today!

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