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Celeste Greer: “This year I knew that even more people than usual would be in need of help”

Starting this month, Second Harvest will be spotlighting volunteers who are working to help fight hunger in our communities. This October, we want to introduce you to Celeste Greer, a regular Farm to Families volunteer.

When did you start volunteering with Second Harvest?

My first time volunteering at Second Harvest was in April of 2020, and I am hooked.  I’ve been back at least once a week since then.

What is your favorite volunteer opportunity?

I love the farm, because I can usually convince my plant-loving fiancé to volunteer with me.  Also, hopping over mounds of dirt with a watermelon under each of my arms is just a whole lot of fun. 

Describe your favorite volunteer memory?

When I was at Olivet Baptist Church doing food box distribution, one of the longtime volunteers found a step counter in with the toiletries we were handing out. Between visitors, she was shuffling up and down the rows of boxes and marching in place. She was making everyone laugh finding new ways to run up the tally of steps. The regular volunteers there have been coming for years, and they were so welcoming. They truly enjoy each other, and seeing them have such a great time joking around about her new fitness program really made an impression on me. Their generosity and how much they love having a regular occasion to come together with their group of friends to help the community was apparent.

Why it is important for you to volunteer?

I have volunteered at other food banks back in Michigan, where I grew up, and with the job losses that happened this year I knew that even more people than usual would be in need of help. That motivated me to volunteer at Second Harvest for the first time.  

What has kept coming back regularly is how much I have gotten out of volunteering. When I was working from home this spring, I was getting my information on how the pandemic had changed things mainly from the news. Unfortunately, the news during that time left the impression that people were lacking empathy. When I came to the food bank, however, I saw lovely people volunteering.  I saw people who need help, getting help. I have treasured the ability to balance out my perspective of what is going on in the world by coming to Second Harvest.  It has been hugely comforting, and a great motivator to keep coming back!

Join Celeste in helping feed our neighbors in need by signing up for a volunteer shift today!

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