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The Produce Truck Is Now Rolling In Davidson County

The Produce Truck brings fresh, nutritious food to thousands of hungry families in Davidson County.

The Produce Truck We’d like to formally introduce you to the newest member of our hunger fighting fleet—The Produce Truck!

The Produce Truck travels around Davidson County bringing fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, milk, eggs, and other perishable items directly into food-insecure neighborhoods.

For families and individuals facing hunger, these items are often a luxury.

Either they don’t have access to a grocery store that supplies fresh fruits and vegetables, or they can’t afford their expense.

The Produce Truck was created to bridge this gap and increase the availability of these items in the areas that need them most.

Since its launch in mid-March, The Produce Truck has provided 163,000 pounds of fresh, nutritious produce to over 8,400 households. 

Kent Fresh Food. Healthy Communities.

Tuesday through Saturday, The Produce Truck makes scheduled stops in some of Davidson County’s most food-insecure neighborhoods.

At each stop, Kent, our Produce Truck driver, sets out perishable items on tables similar to a mini farmers’ market. Each person receives two grocery bags that they can fill up.

At an average stop, 49 households receive over 900 pounds of food.

Kent relies on the assistance of a volunteer to help him unload food from the truck and guide our neighbors through the tables. This volunteer opportunity is a great way to get out in our community and put food directly into the hands of those that need it most.

In addition to our volunteers, this program wouldn’t be possible without partners like Kroger.

Kroger donates fruits and vegetables to The Produce Truck through their Zero Hunger Zero Waste initiative, which is their commitment to ending hunger in our communities and eliminating waste.

The Produce Truck has been on the ground for less than three months, and already it’s brought relief to thousands of families in our community. We’re excited to see what hunger-fighting feats it reaches next!

The Produce Truck

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