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Thank You for Nourishing Students in Need!

When the school day ends, not every child at Glenview Elementary has a nutritious meal they can count on when they get home. Every year, Olivia Brown, the school counselor, meets students whose families could use just a little extra help ensuring their needs are met. Many are going through a difficult time – some might even be homeless.

Olivia does her best to ensure each boy and girl at Glenview will still have consistent meals over the weekends when they’re unable to access food from school by sending home a BackPack full of healthy, kid-friendly food with every child that needs one.

The BackPack Program serves kids from struggling families each week. During our last chat with Olivia, she said that many children would be at risk of going hungry if not for this special safety net made available by generous donors like you.

This fall will mark Olivia’s fourth year being involved in the program. In that time, she’s always a little shocked by how candid the kids are about their situations.

“They are very open about their needs,” Olivia said. “It’s heartbreaking to hear ‘I don’t have any food when I go home.’”

For Olivia and her colleagues, these bags of food help teachers identify kids who may need additional services. In many cases, students’ performance in class goes up once they receive the support they need to succeed. On behalf of the boys and girls at Glenview, Olivia expressed her sincere gratitude for all you do to make this possible.

“Thank you,” she said. “[You’ve] been really helpful for the kids and families that struggle with hunger.”

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