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Charles’ Family Gives Thanks for You

After a work injury left Charles on disability, he turned to one of our Partner Agencies to help feed his family.

Charles worked for many years in the trucking industry, but he got injured, and his leg was amputated. Since then, his family’s only income is disability assistance.

With rent claiming so much of his monthly check, providing for just himself and his wife was already a challenge for Charles. Then the couple took in their four grandkids — ages 7, 10, 11, and 12 — when their parents couldn’t care for them anymore.

Stretching Charles’ budget to cover the family’s monthly expenses would not be possible without you.

Fortunately, Charles heard about Helping Hands of Warren County, a Second Harvest Partner Agency in McMinnville. Helping Hands’ food pantry connects Charles and his neighbors with healthy groceries throughout the year.

We met Charles on his very first visit to the pantry, and he explained what a relief it was to be able to access good, nutritious food. Affording groceries is even more of a struggle during the summer months when he and his wife must replace the meals the kids typically eat at school.

Good nutrition is especially vital for Charles’ health and for his youngest grandchild, who is fighting leukemia. He was eager to share his gratitude for your support.

“God bless you,” Charles says to friends like you. “[The pantry] is a blessing to all of us.”

Help others families like Charles’ who are facing difficult times this summer.

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