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Students Across Middle Tennessee Have Food, Thanks to You!

As classes resume this fall, thousands of children across Middle Tennessee are looking forward to the renewed stability of school meals. But it’s the generous support of our community that makes it possible for kids to eat healthy over the weekends too. The bright, young students at Buena Vista Enhanced Option Elementary School are just one example of your gifts in action.

One of the many Buena Vista students whose lives are touched by the BackPack Program

Megan McGuire is the Community Achieves site manager at Buena Vista. She provides a wide variety of vital resources to the students and families at the school, including food, clothing, referrals, volunteer opportunities and more.

According to Megan, Buena Vista is a “100 percent need” school. By that she means that every student has a basic need – often including adequate access to nutritious foods – that requires the support of our caring donors to be met. She said that the generosity that makes initiatives like the BackPack Program possible is a true lifesaver. Experience has taught her that kids can only think when their stomachs are full.

At the beginning of each year, Megan sends a flyer home letting students and parents know about the resources available, including the food your gifts help provide. This past school year, she personally served 114 children with Second Harvest BackPacks filled with nutritious food.

“Behavior is the area where [your gifts] are most impactful,” said Meagan.

Meagan recalls a child who was acting out in class. He was grumpy, frustrated and generally defiant toward his teachers. Like she does with most kids, Meagan first checked to see if the child was hungry. He was. After receiving a snack, Meagan said he had a much better day.

This school year, more students will once again need help getting the healthy food they need. Your continued generosity will give them the fuel to stay focused and ready to learn.

“I just want to extend appreciation,” says Meagan. “Thank you for ensuring local children have the healthy meals they need to thrive!”

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