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Seniors on Fixed-Incomes Depend on You

For individuals and families living on fixed incomes, one added expense can mean the difference between eating that day…or not. That’s why Tennesseans like Sherry are so thankful for you.

“If you need new tires, or have to go to the doctor —anything like that — you don’t have the extra money to do it,” Sherry explains of her tight budget.

Sherry, like many seniors, has a monthly, fixed income that just doesn’t allow much wiggle room. “I’m on [Social Security] Disability and I only get so much every month,” she says. “It doesn’t go very far.”


You can imagine how grateful Sherry was when a friend told her about the Second Harvest Mobile Pantry at New Beginnings Church of God Annex in Camden. She’s relieved she can pick up nutritious, shelf–stable items from the food pantry, but also fresh produce and meat.

“It really saves me a lot,” she says. “I don’t ever have to worry about running out of food now.”

Sherry’s also resourceful with the food she receives. She loves to cook, and if she thinks food might be expiring soon, she uses her dehydrator to preserve it. “I’ll dehydrate my tomatoes so later on I can use them in soups or chili,” she says as one example.

Your gifts make such a difference for neighbors like Sherry. Thank you for ensuring better health for seniors who are facing hunger.

“I really appreciate everything that you do to help people who are less fortunate,” Sherry says.

Help seniors like Sherry who are facing hunger on a fixed income.

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