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Nashville Seniors Are Healthier Because of You

Anna raised three children and is a proud grandmother of 12 — she works hard to stay as healthy as possible for her family. That’s why she’s so thankful for you and the nutritious food you make available to her.

“It’s good nutrition,” she says of the fresh food she receives from the Second Harvest Produce Truck, which stops at ConnectUS Health in Nashville each month.

Anna is retired and living on a fixed income. It’s often difficult for her to afford nutritious groceries, so when a friend told her about the Produce Truck a month ago, she didn’t hesitate to visit.


The Produce Truck travels around Davidson County several days each week bringing fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, milk, eggs, and other perishable items directly into the neighborhoods where they’re needed most.

When her grandkids come to visit, Anna has enough food to make a meal she can share. She’s so glad to be able to support her own health and that of her family by preparing fresh, healthy food.

Anna’s thankful that with a nutritious diet, she can better manage her weight — and live a healthier lifestyle. And it’s all possible because people like you have shown they care.

“Thank you for giving me this food,” she says enthusiastically. “It helps me out a lot!”

When you give to Second Harvest, you’re helping our seniors stay happy and healthy longer. Thank you for being a part of our mission to feed hungry seniors across Middle and West Tennessee!

Ensure seniors like Anna have access to nutritious food from the Produce Truck.

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