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Ms. Cheap Wants Your Pennies to Fight Hunger!

The Ms. Cheap Penny Drive is in full swing and we were delighted to read about how some dedicated participants are getting creative about collecting.

In Ms. Cheap’s recent article for the Tennessean, she shares some inspiring penny drive stories:

  • Diane Bringht, who greets and seats customers at the White Bridge Road Waffle House has posted several penny cans around the restaurant for customers to donate and gave additional cans to friends and customers so they can collect on their own! Diane once received much-needed food assistance at a Second Harvest Partner Agency, where she now volunteers.
  • Lynette Hicks used the Penny Drive as part of her family’s Thanksgiving festivities–all proceeds from their board game and card game competitions will be donated to the penny drive!
  • Wilson Bank & Trust, a Penny Drive sponsor, held a friendly competition between all of their branches to see which ones could give out the most penny cans. They distributed 86 cans in just two weeks, creating great conversation about hunger and raising money too!


These are just a few ways that individuals, businesses and families are participating in the Penny Drive, and we hope you will join in too! Our goal is to raise more than $77,000 and every penny counts!

If you have not already, you can pick up one or more official penny drive cans at these locations:

If you have questions or would like to pick up penny cans, contact Gretchen James at 615-627-1611.


Ms. Cheap offers a few ideas for getting involved:

  • Keep a penny jar in your car and drop all of your change as you get in.
  • Create a competition in the office. Everybody loves a challenge and, of course, there could be a prize for the winning team. If your company has a company match program, have your company match it.
  • Consider the Penny Drive as a party theme as you plan holiday entertaining. Instead of people bringing gifts for a gift exchange, have them bring food for Second Harvest or money for the drive.
  • Download the Ms. Cheap Penny Drive Tool Kit & Kids’ Tool Kit for even more great ideas and tips!

Ms. Cheap Wants to Hear How YOU Collect!

We love when people get creative with their collecting, and we want to tell those stories as part of the campaign, so please share your penny drive stories.
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Thank you to the Ms. Cheap Penny Drive sponsors The Tennessean, Avenue Bank, Wilson Bank & Trust and Kroger.

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