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‘Our Kids Know How Serious This Is’

We hear stories about how people across our country face serious financial challenges in the wake of COVID-19. But we also hear stories about how much your support is helping people like James. 

James started his own landscaping business to support his family, including his wife, who has a disability that prevents her from working, and their two children, ages 11 and 12. But since the pandemic began, he’s lost significant income. 

James and his family live on a rural property outside Fairview. They enjoy the peace of nature. He’s worked his entire life and is proud of what he’s built. But these days, it’s tough to escape the financial strain of the pandemic.

“It’s scary,” he says of his family’s situation. “I try to keep things as normal as we can, but our kids know how serious this is. It breaks your heart.” 

Although he does his best to stay positive, James says struggling to feed his family has impacted his well-being.

You make a real difference in their lives. 

“It’s times like this you think, ‘Where do I go? Who do I turn to for help?’” James says. “And it’s you. It’s you guys who are feeding us and helping us. Thank you.”

As we all look toward recovery — brighter days, fellowship with loved ones, economic security — take some time to reflect on how your partnership with Second Harvest is making life better for your neighbors right now. You are creating a legacy of hope. Again, thank you.

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