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Linda McCafferty: “It is a need to serve”

With over 30 years of medical experience, Dr. Linda McCafferty has seen hunger up close.

She’s seen patients who have to choose between filling their prescription and filling their pantry, whose poor nutrition only feeds their chronic illnesses, and who have suffered adverse emotional and mental effects from being food insecure.

These first-hand experiences fuel her dedication to our mission.

 “Hunger is a big passion of mine.” Linda said.

“I think we have a responsibility for those of us who have been blessed to take that on and do something about it.”

Food ready to be distributed at a recent Mobile Pantry with One Generation Away.


After giving monetarily for several years, Linda started donating her time as well in early 2018.

Her first shifts were in our warehouse where she sorted food and enjoyed the fast-paced environment, but she was quickly drawn to our Mobile Pantries, one-day distributions that bring about 20,000 pounds of food directly to hungry families and individuals.

A friend introduced her to Chris Whitney, founder of One Generation Away, a Second Harvest Partner Agency and indispensable Mobile Pantry partner. Since that introduction, Linda has volunteered her time at several Mobile Pantry distributions.  

At a typical Mobile Pantry, she’ll bag food, escort families through the distribution line, and push grocery carts full of food to individuals’ cars.

But her favorite responsibility is giving kindness, dignity, and the occasional hug to those in need.

“When you go do a Mobile Pantry, you’re getting more out of it than you’re giving,” Linda said.


If Linda’s first-hand experiences fuel her passion to fight hunger, it’s her innate desire to give back that sparked that passion.

When asked why she keeps coming in to our warehouse and out to our Mobile Pantries, she said, “It is a need to serve.”

Whether it’s helping her patients or providing for our hungry neighbors, Linda has turned her need to serve into her vocation, because in her words, “that’s the stuff that feeds your soul.”

Do you feel a need to serve? Sign up to volunteer and help those struggling with hunger.

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