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Lifelong Waynesboro Neighbor Thanks You

Henry, 77, has a deep love for his Waynesboro community. He lives in the same house he was born in, and he worked more than 30 years as a brick mason in the same town before retiring.

“You work hard, and you try to save, but my money just doesn’t go as far as it used to,” he says.

That’s why Henry is so grateful he can turn to a Second Harvest Mobile Pantry at Waynesboro Ministerial Alliance when his fixed income doesn’t stretch far enough.

He says he’s especially careful how he spends his money these days because trips to the grocery store have become increasingly expensive and it takes more money to get by while his income stays the same.

“This food comes in handy and helps me save money, so I can pay my bills,” Henry says.

Before leaving the Mobile Pantry, Henry wanted to share a word of appreciation to donors like you who make this support possible for him and so many more neighbors.

“I am just so thankful to everyone who donates to make this happen,” he says. “I really appreciate it.”

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